Are You Being Served?


Has Customer Service Become An Oxymoron?


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New handbook Ideal training aid and reference handbook for any business or organisation


The objective of this handbook has been to provide easy to read and understand customer service information which can be assimilated into, and used in real life, day-to-day business situations, quickly, easily, and in many instances, with little expense and to make customer service a profit centre instead of a drain on resources when it involves fixing problems and 'putting out fires'.
What did you do to delight your customer yesterday? What will you do to delight your customer today? What does your customer really want?
Providing quality Customer Service to customers of your business is a cost effective way of increasing market share and profits. The provision of excellence in Customer Service also offers the opportunity to be seen as a superior, preferred, supplier over your generic, 'me too' competitors.
The successful implementation of Customer Service usually involves a major change in the culture of the organisation, which can be very difficult to achieve and involves the investment of considerable time and energy.
Customer Service training should be results orientated, and not just focused on techniques. Building awareness and handing out tools is not enough. The process must address improved results. Create and train Customer Service teams, which give people a chance to address actual and perceived service problems. Let the people on these teams use their initiative and reward and publicise Customer Service improvements.

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9 chapters covering core topics:

1. Has Customer Service Become An Oxymoron?

2. What is Customer Service?

3. Customer relationship management

4. Implementing Customer Service

5. Improving Customer Service

6. Managing Service Quality

7. Developing Customer Service in the 21st Century

8. Customer Service Planning and Transformation

9. Customer Service Training


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