Business Diagnostic Tools


A4 format, 3-ring binder
198 pages - $149.00 (including postage)


This manual has been designed to assist in diagnosing key areas of any business and then assist in planning measurable improvements.


The manual contains lists, tables, matrixes and a host of other consulting and planning tools in colour.
After many years in it’s gestation period this Business Diagnostic Tools manual has been created specifically for use as a stimulating hands-on aid, reference and prompt with numerous checklists for Consultants and Managers as well as anybody else with a beneficial interest in Business Diagnostics and the business improvements that can follow meaningful diagnosis.
This manual is the result of ‘hands on’ managerial and consulting experience as well as academic studies and lecturing in a wide range of business topics.
Many other people involved in a range of business activities at virtually any level including supervisors, lecturers, academics and students will also find many uses for the contents of this manual.

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The manual is divided into six chapters covering key business areas to provide wide-ranging aids and prompts that can be easily understood and used by Consultants and Managers to diagnose a range of business areas and then plan improvements;
1. Planning
2. Management
3. Sales and Marketing
4. Human Resources
5. Finance and Control
6. Competitive and Lean Manufacturing

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