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A4 format, 3-ring binder
121 pages - $149.00 (including postage)

Use this Business Development Manual to improve and refine your business strategies Includes Strategic Planning formats and a Strategic Planning workbook.
Use this manual to write and to kick start the implementation of your own Strategic Plan.
Ideal planning aid and training tool.


Strategic Planning is an organisation-wide process to identify strategic direction, including vision, mission, values and overall goals. Strategic Planning determines where an organisation is going over the next year or more, how it's going to get there and how it will know if it got there or not. Development of the strategic plan greatly helps to clarify the organisation's plans and ensure that key leaders are all "reading from the same page". Far more important than the strategic plan document, is the strategic planning process itself.

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Chapters include:

1. What is Business Strategy

2. Strategic Audits

3. Strategy Tools

4. Strategic Planning Formats

5. Formulating Strategy

6. Implementing Strategy

7. A Strategic Planning Workbook

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