Competitive Manufacturing Manual


A4 format, 3-ring binder
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Use this manual to kick start the implementation of your own Competitive / Lean Manufacturing system


This manual, is intended as an aid and prompt for those who wish
to pursue Competitive and Lean Manufacturing.
A shift is occurring in manufacturing around the world.
Manufacturers throughout industries from automotive to aircraft to paint
to computers to furniture and on and on are moving to a different
system of production called Lean Manufacturing. We are not talking
about adding some new techniques onto how we now build products,
but actually changing the way we think about manufacturing.
Explains how Organisations will benefit greatly by implementing a
continuous improvement system at all levels and explains how to
implement the process. Some of the benefits include:
• Client focused. Products and services become more appealing as
they evolve with customer expectations and client needs.
Successfully compete with local, national and international markets.
• Staff learn to anticipate, plan for and manage challenges brought on
by competitors.
• Engaging the workforce for greater effectiveness, efficiency and
leadership. Staff are motivated and encouraged to value their
contribution to the organisation and to improve their work practices.
Staff feel valued as their ideas and opinions are actively sought and
constructive feedback is provided.
• Work operations become more efficient because staff identify and
act on inefficient practices with increased productivity
• Effectively applying procedures to maximise productivity and quality
• Reducing operational costs significantly and developing greater
communication and management amongst employees.
• Controlling supply-chain management

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Includes a wide range of very useful and easy to use formats, prompts, and checklists.

15 Chapters

1. Competitive Manufacturing, An Introduction

2. Implementing Change

3. Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

4. Communication, Teamwork and Problem Solving

5. Implement a competitive manufacturing system

6. Managing the impact of change on own work

7. Apply competitive manufacturing practices

8. Lead 5S in a manufacturing environment

9. Applying quick changeover procedures

10. Applying just-in-time (JIT) procedures

11. Undertake root cause analysis

12. Improve cost factors in work practices

13. Supply chain management

14. The Toyota Production System

15. Case studies and expert solutions


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