for the 21st Century


A4 format, 3-ring binder
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Use this Business Development Manual to improve and refine your customer service skills


What did you do to delight your customer yesterday? What will you
do to delight your customer today? What does your customer really
This new manual is especially aimed at those involved in
customer service issues, and will also be of immense assistance to
most people in business and service organisations.
The objective has been to provide easy to read and understand
information which can be assimilated into, and used in real life, dayto-
day business situations, quickly, easily, and in many instances,
with little expense.
Providing quality Customer Service to customers of your
business is a cost effective way of increasing market share and
profits. The provision of excellence in Customer Service also offers
the opportunity to be seen as a superior, preferred, supplier over
your generic, ‘me too’ competitors.
In all states and territories of Australia the Department of Fair
Trading or similar bodies recognises the right of consumers to
complain about service issues. Despite this many organisations
appear to deeply resent any type of complaint and will even abuse
customers, hang up the phone and then scheme up ways of
punishing that customer - a sure way to lose customers.
Most people, particularly older people, are fed up with having to
deal with disinterested people who often possess poor language
skills, in remote call centres. Have generation X and generation Y
become resigned to appalling levels of service? Perhaps these
generations grew up with little expectation of excellence in customer

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Chapters include:

1. What is customer service?

2. Customer relationship management

3. Implementing Customer Service

4. Improving Customer Service

5. Managing Service Quality

6. Developing Customer Service for the 21st Century

7. Customer Service Planning and Transformation

8. Customer service training

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