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A4 format, 3-ring binder
176 pages - $149.00 (including postage)

Everything you need to know and should know about developing sales skills and making sales presentations Also includes a Sales Management chapter Ideal for salespeople, Sales Managers and trainee sales people Suitable for any business or organisation

This workbook outlines seven steps to a successful sale and looks at what a salesperson does and should do.
It also looks at crucial issues salespeople should be aware of in order to understand and communicate with their customers.
It contains wide ranging tips for sales negotiations, motivation, key account management, time management, sales control and reporting and many checklists.

Chapters include:
1. What does a sales person do?
2. Understand and communicate with your customer
3. Sales Organisations
4. Seven Steps To A Successful Sale
5. Negotiation
6. Sales Success
7. Key Account Management
8. Sales Control and Reporting
9. Sales Management

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Nothing happens in any business without a sale and without sufficient sales volumes any business will fail. Thus people at all levels are key contributors to the success of any business.

A sales career can provide financial rewards and a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Many people claim that the key to becoming a good sales representative is talent, persistence and performance.

Add in a thorough grounding in the seven steps to a sale, as well as building relationships with your personality and your people skills, and you are well on your way to becoming a successful salesperson.


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