Human Resources


A4 format, 3-ring binder
160 pages - $149.00 (including postage)


What You Should Know About Recruiting, Motivating and Supervising People


Includes colour illustrations and wide range of assessments, reviews, checklists and tables Covers critical areas including policies, staffing, recruitment, job descriptions, interviewing, induction, training, salary packages, motivation, supervision, leadership, morale, workplace culture, OH&S and performance reviews Human Resource Management is a critical success factor for any business or organisation. Your most precious possession is not your financial assets. Your most precious possession is the people you have working in your business or organisation, what they carry around in their heads, their ability to achieve results and their ability to work together. This manual is intended to provide any business or organisation with a better understanding of human resource management and to provide a stimulus for improving their human resource management. Human resources - the people in a business or organisation and providing a platform for the success of those people - are a critical performance factor for any business or organisation. Many people will readily agree that successfully managing human resources is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks in any business or organisation.

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Chapters include
1. People
2. Recruitment and Induction
3. Motivation
4. Supervision
5. Organisations
6. Checklists
7. Case studies

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