Idea to Commercialisation


What you need to know about turning your idea into a business


A4 format, 3-ring binder
345 pages - $299.00 (including postage)


Includes colour illustrations and a chapter on finding investors for your business.


This handbook for entrepreneurs is the result of the writer assisting and mentoring countless people and entrepreneurs commercialise wideranging products and services and in many cases to set up successful businesses.
It covers a wide range of essential business topics over 13 chapters to assist people, entrepreneurs and business start ups with information they should understand in order to turn their ideas into a successful business.
There are several shows on television where entrepreneurs present their ideas to a team of people in the hope of finding commercial backing or a business angel prepared to inject cash equity into their proposed business or the commercialisation of their product.
In the great majority of these presentations the the people involved had a great idea, but they had no idea, to the point that it was embarrassing to anybody watching the presentation, even more so to the business angels who were being asked for funding.
If you possess an entrepreneurial mind and wish to pursue your entrepreneurial leanings by learning more about a range of important business issues this handbook is ideal for you.

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13 chapters covering core topics:

1. Commercialising Your Great Idea
2. What is an Entrepreneur?
3. Is Your Great Idea Feasible?
4. Write your own Business Plan
5. Strategic Planning
6. The Marketing Mix
7. Marketing Planning
8. Making a Sales Presentation
9. Managing the Business
| 10. Setting up a Business
11. Business Law
12. Are you investment ready?
13. Finding a Sponsor for your business

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