Leadership Development Manual


A4 format, 3-ring binder
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Are you Leadership material?


This manual can assist your Leadership aspirations! It offers wide ranging checklists, tips and prompts suitable for leaders and aspiring leaders at any level and will offer encouragement, suggestions and resources to support new and effective ways of leading and succeeding in your chosen field.
There are five components that define the productivity of the leadership team in any organisation. These include: the individual job actions of a manager, the manager's personality in work related situations, the manager's power base, the profile of your organisation’s raw materials, tasks, capital investment and related factors and the organisation’s culture.
Leadership continues to be one of the most pressing problems facing any business. The business press reports on leadership problems and leadership changes on an almost daily basis.
Leadership is a most challenging and difficult form of work. Some leaders appear to be naturals whilst other designated leaders struggle to achieve and to even survive as leaders.
We all feel the impact of leadership - we may be in awe of leadership, we may oppose it, but we are always aware of its presence. And yet leadership is difficult to describe. Where do we start? Do we offer definitions or do we identify the skills and characteristics required for leadership?
This manual will assist any reader, whether they are currently in recognised leadership positions, such as running their own business, leading and or managing a small or large business - even a public company, be community leaders, directors of boards or elected officials, or others who are being called on, or are expected to show increased levels of leadership. Others may be able to influence their organisations in ways that are not yet understood to be part of leadership.

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Chapters include:

1. Are you Leadership material?

2. Leadership - What is it?

3. Effective Leadership

4. Leadership and Management

5. Leadership and Motivation

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