A Workbook for 21st Century Managers


A4 format, 3-ring binder
150 pages - $149.00 (including postage)


The interview process is proceeding well and you are confident of landing your new position as a manager. The interviewer casually asks, “Should your application be successful, what is the first thing you would do in this job as Manager?”

This Work Book will help you to answer that question and many others.

Whether you are a first time Manager or a Manager starting a new job there are things you need to know and do on your first day. This Workbook summarises them and provides additional details for Managers at any level.

This Workbook and manual provides step-bystep suggestions for managers and potential managers - what to do as a Manager from day one and an outline of Management principles and Management theory.

This Work Book is also suitable for Management training purposes

From a Management perspective, what are the key success factors for your business?

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What will you do on the first morning, the first day, the first week and the first month?
Remember, you will only get one chance to make a first impression on the first day.

Listen hard and show that you are a good listener.
A great way to get off to a good start is to hear what you are being told.

Look like you are the Manager.
As a manager, you have a certain amount of authority by virtue of your position. However, you can reinforce that by the way you dress.

Act like a Manager.
You need to get to know your people and they need to know you.

Think like a Manager.
Your job, as a manager, is to make your group more productive than it would have been without you - and work like a Manager


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