Marketing Planning Manual


A4 format, 3-ring binder
180 pages - $149.00 (including postage)

Unique Australian Marketing Planning manual. Every thing - and more - you need to assist with writing your own quality Marketing Plan.

Use this manual to write and to kick start the implementation
of your own Marketing Plan. Ideal planning aid and / or work
Sit down and take an objective inventory of where your
company stands in the eyes of your prospects. What image
do you present? How is your customer service? Have you
set the most optimal (that doesn’t always mean the
cheapest) prices?
Now look at your closest three competitors. From a
prospect’s point of view, how do you stack up? What are
your strengths and weaknesses compared to them? Then
ask your self, or better yet, your clients and prospects,
what’s missing from your products or services.
Ask them what needs are not being met by the industry.
Find out if there are things that companies in your industry
focus on that really don’t matter to them.
In our experience marketing is one of the least understood
areas in business, especially by small business and service
professionals. Marketing in fact embraces everything that
your business does in order to create awareness of your
business and your products and services, to create sales
and then retain those customers or clients.
Marketing is a relatively new discipline which came to
prominence in the second half of the twentieth century. Its
cornerstones are the four P’s of marketing - product, place,
price and promotion. In this publication we have set out to
provide and explain the basics of marketing so that its
principles can be taken up by those concerned with
marketing a business as well as business students.

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Presented in a 3 ring binder so that additional material and Appendices can be added as you proceed. Contains a complete and tested professional planning format with a 12 page Marketing Planning format / worksheet and many prompts to fill in to complete a quality Marketing Plan.

Nine chapters include:
1. Marketing Planning Tools and Prompts

2. Marketing Planning Formats

3. Brand Building

4. What is Marketing?

5. The Marketing Mix

6. Consumer Behaviour

7. Market Research, Marketing Information Systems

8. International Marketing

9. Marketing in the 21st century


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