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What You Should Know About Successful Negotiation in Your Workplace Suitable for managers, supervisors, salespeople, workers and training purposes


We are all involved negotiation of some kind on an almost daily basis. Negotiation techniques apply to a wide range of everyday activities and are used extensively at all levels of business, including sales, debt and loan negotiations, contracts negotiating, buying negotiations, salary and employment contracts, and to countless other negotiating situations.
Good sales negotiation with customers can easily add 10% to sales revenues, which arguably goes straight to the bottom line as incremental profit. Good purchasing negotiation can easily save 10% of the cost of bought in products and services, which again arguably goes straight to the bottom line as extra profit.
Good negotiation by managers in dealing with staff can easily reduce staff turnover by 5-10%, which reduces recruitment and training costs by at least the same percentage, as well as improving quality, consistency and competitive advantage, which for many companies is the difference between ultimate success and failure.

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Chapters include
1. What Is Negotiation?
2. Negotiation Is A Dialogue
3. Conditions For Negotiating
4. Negotiation Styles
5. Negotiating With Customers
6. Negotiating With Suppliers
Glossary of Negotiation Definition

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