978-0-9870830-4-3, A4 format, 3-ring binder,
178 pages - colour illustrations - $149.00 (including postage)


What You Should Know About Occupational Health & Safety (O.H.&S.) in Your Workplace Suitable for managers, supervisors, workers and training purposes


Includes a range of assessment tools, checklists, and tables This manual is intended to provide a broad overview of the O.H.&S. issues facing a wide range of businesses and organisations. It is intended as a generic manual containing information and prompts for virtually any business or organisation at both management/ supervisor and workplace level. It is also suitable for the the development of (O.H.&S.) resources for these businesses or organisations.

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Chapters include:
1. What Is O.H.&S? (Occupational Health & Safety)
2. Workplace Hazards
3. Housekeeping
4. Using Equipment
5. O.H.&S. Law - Obligations and Compliance
6. Managing O.H.&S. Risk
7. Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment
8. Forklifts
9. Risk and Emergency Procedures
10. O.H.&S. Assessment Tools

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