Your Own Business


What You Should Know About Starting Your Own Business


A4 format, 3-ring binder
190 pages - $149.00 (including postage)

Covers critical areas including budgeting, Business Plans, human resources, business law and marketing. Suitable for use as a Starting a New Business course learning guide and text. We also have a Training Facilitator’s Manual available

An Australian handbook/workbook based on real experience in starting and running a business of your own. Starting and running your own business can be very exciting with the opportunity to sell the business later for windfall capital gains. If you are contemplating starting a business of your own for the first time their are countless pitfalls you may encounter. This publication will help you avoid these and also provide wide ranging information across many business issues you face in your own business. These include planning, a wide range of management issues including, planning and strategy, budgeting, finance and collecting payments, avoiding bad debts, hiring, training and motivatingstaff (human resources), creating and making sales, marketing and positioning your business, adding value to your products and services, being aware of a wide range of business law issues that may impact on your business.

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Chapters include:

1. Before You Commence Your Business

2. Planning For Your Own Business

3. Finance For Your Business

4. Human Resources

5. Managing Your Own Business

6. Creating Sales

7. Marketing

8. Business Law

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