Project Management Manual


A4 format, 3-ring binder
123 pages - $149.00 (including postage)

Use this Management Development Manual to improve and refine your project management skills What are project managers expected to do and how should they do it?


Projects are critical to the success of any organisation. They are the activities that result in new or changed products, services, environments, processes and organisations. Projects increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, improve the work environment, and result in other benefits.
Projects are the means for making all changes in the organisation. They represent a significant expenditure of money and critical resources. Projects are the means to create new products and services, enhance and remove deficiencies from existing products, implement or improve business processes, do anything that requires action within a finite time frame to establish a base for continued operations.
Project management is a process that is a critical factor in helping organisations meet their strategic goals. It is a discipline. It applies principles, concepts, tools and techniques to improve project performance and organisational effectiveness.
Project management adds value by improving the probability of consistently successful projects.

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Chapters include:

1. Project Management An Overview

2. Project Phases

3 . Organising Projects

4. Starting a Project: Step by Step

5 . Concluding the Project Tools


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