Strategic Marketing


Marketing Strategy, Brand Building & Brand Management What You Should Know Strategic Marketing


Rodney Overton
ISBN 978-0-9807991-6-3
A4 format, 3-ring binder, 170 pages - colour illustrations

Includes a range of checklists, tables and worksheets Are you wondering how to take your business to the next level?

Having a marketing plan that allows you to grow is critically important to the success of your business. Strategic Marketing Management provides a comprehensive examination of all major components of marketing strategy and their integration. Strategic marketing is much more than doing some advertising and hoping your product or service will sell - a shotgun approach. Many people in business fall into the trap of thinking marketing means advertising, public relations (PR) and promotions. A marketing plan is so much more than that, and includes everything from understanding the market you intend selling to, to choosing specific tactics you use to reach that market. Strategic marketing is all about understanding your customers and their needs and meeting those needs while making a profit and growing your business. In the 21st century the Internet has had a massive impact on the way many organisations do business - our own business is a very good example. We operate with a completely different business model to when we commenced publishing 16-years ago. If you think that developing a strategic marketing plan is something only large corporations do, think again. A strategic marketing plan will help you better understand your business, your customers and your strategy for success..

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Chapters include:

1. What Is Strategic Marketing?
2. Marketing Segmentation and Categories
3. Brand Building
4. Brand Management
5. Understanding Your Customers
6. Developing A Strategic Marketing Plan

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