Tenders and Proposals


A4 format, 3-ring binder
140 pages - $149.00 (including postage)

Use this manual as a prompt to prepare winning professional tenders and proposals. It contains many easy to use and follow formats. Also details how to prepare a Request for Tender.

Most people involved in a business organisation have had or will have cause to write a detailed Tender, Proposal or Quotation at some time. Some of these documents can be very complex and detailed and run to hundreds of pages and involve a vast amount of time and research, while others may be a simple one page.
Winning a large percentage of the proposals you prepare can obviously be the difference between a having a business which rolls along making modest profits (or none) and one which makes handsome profits. Many businesses are happy if they win one in three proposals while many are lucky to win one a year!
Those who can win around eighty percent of their proposals are obviously very good at selecting which proposals to address as well as being extremely good at writing winning proposals and ultimately providing and meeting the real requirements of the client organisation.
There is no such thing as an absolutely right, correct and proper way to write a winning tender or proposal. One of the key factors is to ascertain exactly what the potential client really requires, and to then address those requirements in a proposal, that to use the vernacular, ‘rings the bell’ of your prospective client.

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Seven chapters include:

1. What is a Tender?

2. Tips and Guidelines for Tender Preparation

3. Writing Winning Tenders

4. Tender or Proposal Formats

5. The Presentation or Pitch

6. Tender Writing Tools

7. Writing an Invitation to Tender

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