The Entrepreneurs Handbook


A4 format, 3-ring binder
370 pages - $299.00 (including postage)


This manual contains countless prompts and checklists to enable people at any level of business to advance their business skills.


If you possess an entrepreneurial mind and wish to pursue your entrepreneurial leanings by learning more about a range of important business issues this manual is ideal for you.
In this manual we look at wide ranging critical business issues and howto issues for entrepreneurs including, What is an Entrepreneur? Writing your own Business Plan, Strategic Planning, Writing your own Marketing Plan, Making a Sales Presentation, Finding a Sponsor for your Business and Leadership.
In our experience many entrepreneurs lack a basic understanding of these critical issues which adversely affects and stymies the development of their business ideas.
• The entrepreneur has an enthusiastic vision, the driving force of an enterprise and is usually a positive thinker and a decision maker.
• The entrepreneur's vision is usually supported by an Interlocked collection of specific ideas not available to the marketplace.
• The entrepreneur promotes the vision with enthusiastic passion.
• With persistence and determination, the entrepreneur develops strategies to change the vision into reality.
• Entrepreneurs take prudent risks. They assess costs, market/customer needs and persuade others to join and help.

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Includes a wide range of very useful and easy to use formats, prompts, and checklists for entrepreneurs at any any level.

Chapters include:

1. What is an Entrepreneur?

2. Write your own Business Plan

3. Write your own Marketing Plan

4. Making a Sales Presentation

5. Finding a Sponsor for your business



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