TIME Management


A4 format, 3-ring binder
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Ideal training and reference resource for any business or organisation.


“If only I had more time.” If this sounds like you, this handbook/ manual will be of great assistance to you in managing your time, whether at work or in your own private time. Effective Time Management is about realizing that time wasted is money lost, developing the ability to identify opportunities for time management and making the best possible use of time by utilizing proven skills and techniques in a business environment and also in private life. It is about recognizing that time management is based on analysis and planning and identifying ways of getting organized and avoiding procrastination. Completing job deliverables on time is something that is expected from all employees, which can only be achieved if time is managed in an efficient manner. There are some points to be kept in mind for executing effective time management in the workplace. A solid personal goal setting system is the key to effective Time Management and life planning. Good decision-making skills are the foundation for life and Time Management skills. By setting personal goals wisely, you get a sense of achievement, sustain motivation, and reduce stress. The ability to eliminate procrastination and laziness is among the most important Time Management skills to learn. Identify your causes and reasons for procrastination and start overcoming it now.

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Chapters include:

1. Time Management

2. Work Smarter. Take Control of Your Workload

3. Developing Time Management Skills

4. Time Management for Executives

5. Time Management for Salespeople

6. Managing Your Stress

7. Goal Setting


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